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Okay, the earbuds that came with my new iPhone suck. Suck bad. The only comparison I have is with my Sony MDR-G45 headphones, a behind-the-head, over-the-ear headphone style that to me sound pretty good. Of course, the only time I really use them is when I'm out of the house, listening to mp3 music, walking around town or on the subway/bus/streetcar. So for the listening environment, the Sony headphones sound really good.

The iPhone earbuds, by contrast, suck, as I previously mentioned. So I'm looking for an over-the-ear headphone that also has a microphone on the wire (just as the iPhone earbuds have) but that has decent sound quality. I recently came across the Urbanears Plattan headphones. Looking around the 'net, I find a lot of mixed reviews but for my listening needs, I wonder if they might be acceptable.

Anyone ever use these Plattans? What's your impression of them?

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