Although it was only "officially" launched today, Digital Home readers disappointed with the small hard drives contained in Rogers new 8642 HD PVR have already begunn replacing their tiny 160GB internal drives with more massive 1TB drives.

The hard drive swap, which could void your warranty, has enabled Digital Home users record a far more robust 150 or 160 hours of HD programming versus just 25 hours of HD programming provided the the $500 160GB version of the 8642.

Special thanks goes out to Digital Home reader "lonetreejim" who was the first intrepid user to investigate the internals of the 8642 HD PVR and tested the ability to upgrade the internal hard drive.

Beginning in the middle of March, lonetreejim explained to Digital Home readers how he removed the cover of the 8642 HD PVR and set about replacing the stock 160GB hard drive Western Digital Drive with a 1 Terabyte Western Digital Black model. After ten days of testing, lonetreejim had amassed over 850GB of recordings on his upgraded 8642 HD PVR and declared victory.

Digital Home readers wishing to increase the internal drive capacity of their 8642 HD PVR should check out Digital Home's Adding a Larger Internal HDD to the Rogers 8642 PVR discussion thread.

Before embarking on an internal hard drive upgrade, do-it-yourselfers should understand that such an upgrade may void your personal video recorders warranty. In addition, our Digital Forum users collective experience has shown that not all hard drives will work inside these devices. If you are considering performing this upgrade then you are advised to fully read and familiarize yourself with all the 8642 HD PVR discussion threads on our Digital Forum.

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