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Good morning all,

The techician came thursday to install the new technicolor modem so i can get the fibre 400 .

Tested the speed and i am getting 230 Mbps max on download and 48 to 54 Mbps on upload. Connected the computer directly to the videotron modem therefore bypassing my netgear R7000P router and the problem remain.

Chatted with videotron technical support who ended telling me that i need their free router included with the package. Not sure how it will help since connecting directly to the modem does not solve the problem. He also said that i need to perform 3 speed test on 3 computers simultaneously and add the results. I do not have 3 computers.

Anyone has any clue has to why i am not getting full speed. I was on Fibre 120 before and was always getting speed between 120 and 135 Mbps

Thank you

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