Navigon has announced that version 1.6 of its popular iPhone navigation application is now available from the iTunes store.

New features added to the latest incarnation of the Navigon app include: iOS4 integration; live weather; clever parking which allows users to find parking around their destination; destination information display for an at-a-glance overview of what you'll find when you get there; and updated NAVTEQ maps.

"With the latest update we not only added new driving related features such as Weather Live and Clever Parking but also improved the way information is presented in our new Destination Information Display." said Gerhard Mayr, a VP at the company.

The following is brief overview of some of the key updates:
  • Live Weather - updates and reports current weather conditions along the route and at the destination in real-time. Temperature and weather condition icons display in the route overview screen before and during navigation. With only a tap even a detailed three-day forecast is available.
  • Clever Parking - informs drivers where and what the best parking options are available around the upcoming location. When approaching the destination, a "P" icon appears in the map view. In one tap an easy to scroll list of all available parking options is provided, including distance from destination for better decision-making.
  • Destination Information Display - provides an at-a-glance overview and summary of information pertaining to the destination. Users can customize what is shown in settings/options, such as parking locations, weather information and specific POI's (Points of Interest) such as all the restaurants at around the upcoming destination.
  • iOS 4 integration - compatible with iOS 4, v 1.6 provides multitasking compatibility to iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users. This means users can have continuous navigation and turn-by-turn directions while running other applications. For example, you can take a call without sacrificing navigation. While on the go, and receiving a call, the voice guided turn-by-turn directions automatically turn down to be heard only by the driver and one tap lets the screen continue to provide route and navigation information in the map mode.
  • Pedestrian Mode Voice Guidance - When not behind the wheel, this delivers voice directions as well as voice over menu guidance. While in pedestrian mode users get the same "turn-by-turn" directions as if they were behind the wheel.

For the next ten days, MobileNavigator for USA and Canada is available for $50 in the Apple App Store. After which it will be priced at $80.

MobileNavigator 1.6.0 is compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G. The app also runs on first generation iPhone and iPod Touch, but third party accessories for GPS reception are required for these devices and multitasking is not supported.

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