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Unusual: Bell Landline Telephone Service out for entire Prefix

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Here's an interesting one.

Members of our extended family tried to call my Mom last night and the phone was busy for hours. Concerned I drove over to make sure she was okay, she was.

Anyway, we checked her phones and still a problem so we decided to call Bell in the morning.

It turns out that my mom's phone is going to be out of commission for over a day. In addition, every phone number in the 416-251-xxxx range is out of order.

I've never heard of such a thing happening.

Since the phone numbers are randomly distributed over an area, it would make sense that its some type of switching problem or technical glitch as opposed to a "cut" line somewhere.

Anyone had something like this happen to them.
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Nothing suprises me when it comes to Bell. A couple of years ago the 800 numbers were out across the country for the better part of a day or so. I know that because my alarm sytems were unable to call the monitoring station.
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