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Unusual: Bell Landline Telephone Service out for entire Prefix

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Here's an interesting one.

Members of our extended family tried to call my Mom last night and the phone was busy for hours. Concerned I drove over to make sure she was okay, she was.

Anyway, we checked her phones and still a problem so we decided to call Bell in the morning.

It turns out that my mom's phone is going to be out of commission for over a day. In addition, every phone number in the 416-251-xxxx range is out of order.

I've never heard of such a thing happening.

Since the phone numbers are randomly distributed over an area, it would make sense that its some type of switching problem or technical glitch as opposed to a "cut" line somewhere.

Anyone had something like this happen to them.
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I have family in South Etobicoke with a 416-251-xxxx number on Rogers--and they're fine.

You can sometimes run into an issue calling an NXX if it's a new one, and your carrier hasn't added it to their routing table. However, this obviously isn't the case, as this NXX has been around since at least the early 70's.

Very odd situation indeed.
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