Looking for Internet with unlimited data in Ontario? These two companies both have options worth considering.

Getting a good deal on unlimited Internet services is something everyone wants. The offers are many, and it can pay to compare to get the most for your dollar.

Back in 2015,  Fido introduced Internet services in a reported attempt to gain millennial customers looking for lots of streaming space.

For its part, Costco has been supplying members with affordable Internet options in partnership with Primus for a number of years now.

While both companies might not be the first ones that come to mind when considering your connectivity options, both have something to offer.

Here’s what you can expect when ordering unlimited data, from both Fido or Costco/Primus.

1) Fido

Fido’s unlimited Internet comes in two forms- the packages are nameless, so we’ll call them Fast and Faster.

With Fast Internet from Fido, you get unlimited data and download speeds of up to 30 Mbps at $50/month. Upload speeds are up to 5 Mbps, which the company recommends is best when used by about 2 to 3 people simultaneously.

With Faster Internet from Fido, you get unlimited data, plus download speeds of up to75 Mbps at $65/month. Enjoy upload speeds of up to 10 Mbps, said to be good for having 2 to 4 people online at the same time.

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Question for both offers:

Is the modem included? Yes. It needs to be returned once you terminate your service.

Are there any extra fees? Yes.

If you decide to install everything yourself, you can by-pass things, but if you call in a technician there’s a $50 one-time start-up fee.

Do I get any frills?

No, sorry.

1) Costco/Primus

If you haven’t ventured inside it yet, here’s a rundown. Costco runs like a warehouse, filled with discount priced groceries, clothing and appliances, and some seemingly random yet well-selected deals on things like hearing aids and Internet services. You need to purchase an annual membership to shop there.

You can choose from an executive, business or gold star membership, which includes the option to have a free spouse card.

Internet from Costco comes with more options to choose from, compared to Fido. The company offers 7 package choices withunlimited data ranging from $36.95 to $87.95/month.

For Internet 7, which is the cheapest package at $36.95/month, download speeds can run as slow as 7 Mbps or less. Uploads are at 1 Mbps, making this package more about surfing the Internet, staying connected and checking email.

On the upper end of the scale, users can enjoy download speeds of up to 250 Mbps, and uploads of up to 20 Mbps.


Is the modem included? No. You need to rent for $5.95 per month from Costco/Primus or purchase out front for $99.

Do I get any frills?

Yes. The deal comes with Webmail, 11 email accounts, anti-virus and anti-spam protection for your email, and 24/7 tech support should you need it.

Here’s a list of all 7 package options now available:

Internet 7 $36.95

Internet 16 $44.95

Internet 25 $48.95

Internet 50 $55.95

Internet 75 $58.95

Internet 150 $67.95

Internet 250 $87.95