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Universal Remote code 007F

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I have an RCA LCD model RLC2609, from the manual page 6, it said the universal code is 007F. I tried 0070-0079 onto a Telus Optik TV remote. All failed
I also tried the listed codes inside the Telus Optik universal remote. They are all 4 digits.
I search the web, the RCA codes are all in 3 digits and relating to their RCA remote control models.
I tried 007 and it won't work. What code is supposed to use?

Please help out. Thank you
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Universal remotes don't work that way, as there would be one code that will work on all remotes, because different manufacturers use different code databases. You need to look at the code listing for your remote, or they need to provde the codes for the various remote code databases.

007f hex translates to 127 decimal, 177 octal, FWIW. I would bet 007f is some code internal to the manufacturer, or RCA universal remotes.

Being the manual I read came from the Curtis International website, check Curtis codes.
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