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I am trying to watch the Germany vs. Serbia game on the CBC website.

I just get a graphic saying you are watching the multiview thread. I can get the Serbia and Germany "star" camera view so its not a connection issue.

Are others experiencing problems?

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Adobe Flash Player has always been buggy and sluggish for me. Not sure why. I will have to wait until 2:30PM to see if the game stream works better. Right now I am watching the pre-game show. Audio and video is glitching occasionally. I am OK with that. But just now the commentary stopped and they are looping a video track that says "Please Standby" this program will resume shortly. Seems like they are missing an opportunity to insert commercials into the stream.

This is the link I am using.

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Interesting... I have watched at least 5 games so far and most of them come in just fine. It even looks good on a 20 inch monitor in full screen.

Out of curiosity, which ISP are you guys using? It's actually not the CBC providing the Internet streams but a company called Akamai. If they don't have servers on your ISPs network you may get poor service.

I'm on Bell Internet and the streams come from servers that are local from what I can tell (like 3-4 hops away literally and very low latency).

If you want to know traceroute to the following address:

And see how many hops away you are and how much latency...

Hope this helps.
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