Digital content marketing firm, Uberflip released
recent usage data indicating continued strength in social media consumption and rapid decrease in email distribution.

The Toronto-based digital publisher compared data from February 2010 through February 2013 using Google Analytics and their proprietary Uberflip Metrics platform. In that time-frame, its digital content reader registered 28,176,470 unique visits, with an average reading time of 5:44 in February 2013 - up 347 percent from 1:17 in 2010.

One significant development is that email sharing has declined from 93.3 percent in 2010 to just over 50 percent in February 2013.

Uberflip CEO Yoav Schwartz says: “Years ago companies and brands were blasting content to their audience via email. Now, brands are increasingly enabling the virality of their content by leveraging social channels. The communication is increasingly two-way and spamming is no longer tolerated. Facebook and Twitter are leading the way, but brands are quickly taking to LinkedIn and Pinterest so I expect them to steal a bigger cut of the pie in the coming years.”

Content consumption is become increasingly mobile-based, as we know. But surprisingly, iPad and iPhone devices make up 77 percent of mobile consumption of digital content, adds Schwartz. While he expects iPad to maintain its share, he notes the Android platform, which represents just over 16 percent now, is quickly gaining share in the smartphone market.

Video has also become a key component of content marketing as Uberflip data shows that video content has risen 3.7 times to the point that 22 percent of brands are now regular users.

“Digital content is changing. Brands need platforms like ours that leverage the power of social media, video, analytics, and responsive design for seamless delivery on any device,” concluded Schwartz.

Check Uberflip's digital usage infographic here:

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