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Uber Ice Cream is Coming to Toronto on Friday, August 11th 2017

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If you're craving a cone, you can order one via the Uber app and get a chance for more this Friday.

It’s summer and it’s hot in the city. If you’ve been dreaming of ice cream delivered to your front door without setting foot outside it, your day has come.

On Friday, August 11th, 2017, Uber will be delivering delicious ice cream via ice cream trucks throughout select North American cities, and Toronto is one of them. In fact, it’s the only chosen Canadian Uber ice cream locale so eat up, Torontonians!

This is how it works:

Tomorrow, Friday August 11th, if you’re in Toronto just follow Uber’s instructions:

1) Open the Uber app sometime between 11a.m. and early afternoon local time

2) Select “Ice Cream” for the chance to be matched with an Uber ice cream truck

3) If you’re matched, grab your colleagues or friends! Your ice cream will be delivered free of charge, straight to you

4) Enjoy!

We have to warn you though, that only some orders will be successful. Not every person who tries to order Uber ice cream on Friday will get it. The company is being selective.

If you do end up with a cone though, know that there’s even more goodness coming your way, from now through September.

If you get a free Uber ice cream delivered to you, you’ll also get a limited edition collectible silicone ice cream cone. This will give you access to free McDonald’s soft serve cones from tomorrow, through to Friday, September 22nd.

Just bring the cone with you when you visit McDonald’s, show it and get a free cone.

Good luck!

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