In researching a story on Usage Based Billing (UBB) for my monthly column in the Globe and Mail technology section, I had the opportunity to pose a series of questions to various Internet Service providers.

A representative of Rogers Cable has informed me that beginning in July, the company will apply Usage Based Billing to Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) providers.

The decision means that consumers jumping from wholesalers of Bell's DSL service to wholesalers of Rogers Cable Internet service in order to avoid Usage Based Billing will be disappointed.

The following is a one of many questions I posed to several Canadian Internet Service providers including Rogers.

Question: After the recent CRTC decision to implement UBB with 3rd party DSL providers, many Canadians are asking if Rogers will be implementing UBB billing for 3rd party cable wholesalers in the coming year?

Rogers: We intend to begin billing wholesalers in July of this year. The 15% discount will apply to wholesalers. The wholesale business represents a small percentage of our overall portfolio and will therefore not impact the vast majority of our customers.

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