In broadcasting decisions handed down today, the CRTC has approved two new AM radio stations for the Montreal market. The federal regulator approved a French-language mainly spoken word station focusing on news and public affairs at 990 kHz and a French-language spoken word and musical station for Montreal’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community at 940KHz.

The Commission also approved an application from Bell Media for a frequency change for its TSN radio station (CKGM), from 990 kHz to 690 kHz.

Bell had asked for the move to 690 kHZ from 990 kHz because 690 kHz is known as a clear channel. A clear channel is one that has a high degree of protection from interference from neighbouring AM radio stations, primarily during the night time. Bell claimed that improving the quality of the station’s signal, particularly in regard to its night-time coverage of Montréal, would enable it to better serve its listeners, particularly in the western part of the island of Montréal, and to ensure financial viability. Bell said CKGM had lost $4.9 million between 2007 and 2011 and the move would enable it to increase advertising revenues and ultimately keep the station afloat.

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