Twitter can be a confusing universe to navigate but earlier this month the social networking site announced the launch of its new Connect tab, hoping to make things easier for users.

As Twitter stated on their blog, “…finding new accounts to follow used to require jumping through a few hoops and a dash of luck…” but that’s changed somewhat now, as a detailed list of people and accounts the site thinks you’ll enjoy following can easily be found in one place.

The Connect tab is doing all the work. ‘Connect’ is now recommending accounts on Twitter based on accounts you already follow, a process Twitter says they will refine over time.

They are also looking at Tweets you like, popular accounts in your local area, what’s happening in the world right now, and “more”.

Twitter is letting users know why they recommended the accounts they did, letting users gain more of a foothold in controlling who they might be able to reach.

Other benefits of the Connect tab include the fact that it allows users to automatically sync their address book with the site.

It’s about time Twitter made things a little less confusing. But this is only a drop in the bucket- hopefully more upgrades are waiting in the wings.

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