Twitter has acquired the rights to stream ten football games during the upcoming NFL season, as part of Thursday Night Football-but Canadians won’t be able to see them.

And Rogers Communications Inc is the roadblock standing in the way.

Rogers’ Sportsnet has the exclusive rights to the NFL’s Thursday Night Football in Canada through the upcoming season and doesn’t like to share.

According to Rogers spokeswoman Andrea Goldstein, Rogers is currently negotiating with the NFL for live streaming rights for its new web- and mobile-based service Sportsnet Now.

This service is included with subscriptions to the Sportsnet television channel and will cost $25 a month for non-subscribers.

The trick is, Twitter's acquisition of streaming rights for the football games was touted as being global and free.

Twitter Canada spokesman Cam Gordon said Canadian users will be blocked from seeing the live streaming of the games, based on their location and IP address.

As an article on states, “offering television over the Internet in a world where licensing and copyright rules haven’t caught up with the borderless nature of the web is complicated.”

But come on, Canada- can’t we get in the game?

This past February, Twitter’s monthly visitorship flatlined at 320 million, causing the social networking site to search for new ways to draw a larger audience and NFL football might be it.

Thursday Night Football pulled in an average of 13 million viewers in 2015 on CBS and the NFL Network combined.

Tweeting and football? Sounds like fun. Unfortunately, we just can’t be a part of it, yet.