The day has finally come. Twitter has released unofficial news that sometime in the next two weeks, the social networking site will stop including photos and links in their 140-character limit for tweets.

Currently, links take up 23 characters after Twitter automatically shortens them.

According to a report on, earlier this year, Twitter considered raising its character limit to as many as 10,000 characters per tweet but declined to do so.

The move comes amidst the site’s ongoing ‘identity crisis’ and the call from some to make Twitter simpler to use in order to increase its market value, which continues to fall .

“Until Twitter is focused on attracting new users, driving increased use by its existing users, and demonstrating its value proposition to people who don’t use the service, we expect it to grow very slowly, if at all,” Wedbush analysts are quoted as saying on

Allowing users to post a bit more info in each Tweet is a step in making the site more flexible, and could be part of a larger plan by the company to implement future changes in how text is displayed on the site.

Most recently, Twitter has been trying to promote itself as a venue for live events and discussions.