Canwest Media has announced it will be replacing the Discovery Health digital specialty channel on November 1st with Twist TV.

The broadcaster says the new reality channel is about real life with a twist such as capturing the experiences of parents dealing with out of control kids and life altering health situations or kids dealing with pageant moms and irresponsible fathers.

At launch, Twist TV will be available in about 2.1 million homes and for the month of November the channel will be offered in an additional 3.6 million homes.

The following is a sample of the programs you can expect to see on Twist TV.
  • World’s Strictest Parents - follows unruly teens as they get a taste of adolescent life from around the world. In each self-contained episode, two rebellious teens leave their own family lives to spend 10 days living under the rules and roofs of some of the world’s strictest parents
  • Little Miss Perfect - Little Miss contests are a storm of hope and anxiety, of dreams and despair, as young families buy thousand dollar dresses and dentures for children barely out of diapers.
  • Dad Camp - Dad Camp features six irresponsible fathers-to-be and their pregnant girlfriends working together to prepare for their future as parents.
  • Back On Campus - parents experience university life… along with their teenage kids! The series follows three fun-loving, regular, first-year university students and their even more colourful parents in the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Daddy’s Spoiled Little Girl - Rich or poor, most dads love to spoil their daughters. But what if it gets out of hand? Meet the dads who indulge even the most outrageous requests, including: ‘faux mitzvah’ parties, $200,000 Bentleys, private jets to Rome and even shopping sprees in Paris. Can money buy love? Lucky for dad it seems it can for these spoiled brats!
  • Raising Sextuplets - After a three-year struggle to conceive, Jenny and Bryan Masche find their wishes have multiplied when the news that they’re expecting six babies rocks their world. Raising Sextuplets follows them as their lives expand by six.
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