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TVtropolis is CanWest's flavor-of-the-year channel. Think of it as a high-class dump, as the channel enjoy analog distribution, and therefor part of popular packages. The channel has no focus, they just want to put everything they like on that single channel.

The old sitcoms and series are the ones they could buy rights at a very low cost, so they'll maximize their small investment by spreading between DejaView and TVtropolis.

Reality shows? Off course, they're popular on the other channels.

HGTV shows and boring "Whatever Happened To" fillers? Off course, there's a canadian quota to fill !

So, basically, all of CanWest's specialties are out of focus, and they also submitted applications to the CRTC to modify the categories their channels can air, which includes professional sports and music videos. Yeah, professional sports on the Food Network and TVtropolis. Who would have thought...
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