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"Colin & Justin's Home Heist" and "Restaurant Makeover" (??!!) from HGTV. "Wife Swap" from Slice (unless it's the British version that airs for some bizarre reason on Showcase). "The Golden Girls" that use to be a main-stay on the channel when it was known as older-skewing Prime (TV) and is now on Deja View.

The channel's "focus" was suppose to be "hit TV from the past 15 years" ("Just Shoot Me", "NewsRadio", "Seinfeld", newer fare like "Family Guy"). Now it's rapidly and severely deteriorated into a mishmash of half a dozen Canwest-own cable channels (acquired from the Atlantis-Alliance purchase). Obvious HGTV shows like "Real Renos" and "Flipping Out" and "Buy Me" have absolutely no business being on this channel.
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