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TV & Internet for Students??

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Hey everyone!

I am moving into a dorm at the University of Winnipeg and I am responsible for obtaining my own internet and TV. The building that I'm moving into is strictly MTS only. I have looked at the pricing and I have 2 options.

MTS Ultimate TV - Basic + 9 Groups, Whole home PVR, 2 STB and 12 free HD
$25/MTH for the first 3 months
Lightning Internet
$20/MTH for the first 3 months

After the first 3 months TV goes up to $63.99 and the internet goes up to $40.95.

I could also pay $30/MTH for the first 3 months for TV and get the Lightning internet for $25/MTH for the first 8 months.

I just want to know if anyone has any ideas, tips, tricks, etc as to how I could get MTS to give me a better deal. I find it absurd that they have complete control over a student dorm and they do not have student plans for the students in this dorm.

Your thoughts would be appreciated!
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No special student deals listed for TV. You would be eligible for the bundled price if you get TV and internet. If you only have 1 TV in your dorm room you wouldn't have to order and pay for a 2nd STB. After the first 3 months you could decrease the number of themes and lower the cost.

Also you can order Movie Central prior to Nov 30 and get the first 3 months free as described here.

Go to Internet, Student Zone, Promotions on the MTS site.
MTS High Speed Internet Student Deal
Only $20 a month ($25 a month unbundled) for the first 8 months
Bring your valid Student ID.
There are also student deals for wireless.
If you get home phone with them too, you'd get a free wireless plan?

Sorry - out of ideas here.

I would suggest you just bump down your package once the 3 months is up.
Why not go for the six month deal they have been offering for $85/mth which includes Ultimate TV (Basic + 9 themes), phone with LD and HS Internet? It also includes the free wireless promo.

six month promo for six months = $$85 x 6 = $510
your deal = 3 x $45 = $135 + 3 x $105 = $315 = $450

Looks like you have a pretty good deal if you don't need the home phone.

Thanks for all of your input folks. I ordered my MTS services yesterday. I have delt with MTS in the past and I must say this was THE BEST experience I've had. I was able to do everything over their online chat on their site. The rep just had to call me for my ID. She also agreed that it was odd that MTS has this contract for a student dorm but doesn't have student pricing on all of their products. She gave me some promos!

For $45.00/mth + tax I get...
MTS Ultimate TV with PVR and the movie package
MTS Lightning Internet

This is all for 6 months. She said to call back in 5 months and they'll get me a promo again, but probably not that cheap.

Thanks again for your help!
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Wow, that sounds pretty good I think. That's not including any landline phone service though, right? I think that price is on par with their regular promos, other than the cost of home phone service (total home phone package, which IIRC is $40/mo).

There's no home phone service. I have a wicked deal from Rogers for $40/month. Unlimited data, 600 day time minutes, evenings and weekends, voicemail, text, all that stuff.

I want my MTS tv NOW. I want to start PVRing everything and anything. :eek: :D
Just a quick update on my experience with MTS. So far so good. I move on January 2nd...they mailed me my MTS modem so I can have internet on the 2nd and 3rd and on the 4th they are coming to take my modem away and install TV.

Best MTS experience ever. So smooth. I want my PVR!
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