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Turner Classic Movies and Peachtree TV coming to Videotron

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Starting the beginning of April, Turner Classic Movies and Peachtree TV will be added to the Videotron digital cable line-up, the company announced today.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is a movie oriented cable television channel which features classic movies, mostly from the Turner Entertainment and MGM, United Artists, RKO and Warner Bros. film libraries.

Unlike classic movie channel AMC, Turner Classic Movies is essentially commercial-free, advertising only TCM products, promos for specific films scheduled to air on the channel in primetime, typically using the film's original movie trailer. It also airs promos for special programming and featurettes about classic film actors and actresses in between features.

TCM's content has also remained mostly uncut and uncolourized (depending upon the original content of movies, particularly movies rated by the MPAA after 1968). Because of the uncut and commercial-free nature of the channel, TCM is formatted similarly to a premium channel; as such, viewers might find that certain films, particularly those made from the 1960s onward, may feature nudity, sexual content, violence and strong profanity; the channel also features premium channel-style ratings bumpers seconds before a film starts.

Peachtree, also owned by Turner Broadcasting System, is an commercial television station from Atlanta which carries movies and series, including The Office, Seinfeld, The Cosby Show and Law and Order. During the baseball season, it also broadcasts all Atlanta Braves games.

Turner Classic Movies and Peachtree TV will be available on channel 219 and 218 respectively. Subscribers to Videotron Digital TV will get a free preview of both channels in April.

Following the free preview, the two channels will be available as part of the Super Stations package for $6 per month ($2 if combined with The Movie Network).

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