The Canadian Specialty Television Industry is perhaps this country’s most profitable industry. Cultural tariff barriers placed on the industry by the Federal government allowed the industry to record revenues and record profits in 2010.

Last, the Specialty television industry had profits of $877 million on $3.46 billion in revenues. The specialty station with the largest profits was Bell Media's TSN which earned profits of $53 million on revenues of $267.6 million.

The second most profitable station was Rogers Sportsnet which earned $46.8 million on $217 million in revenues.

The numbers are from the Statistical and Financial Summaries of Pay TV and Specialty services released by the CRTC earlier this month. Digital Home used those numbers to rank Canada's 51 English language specialty and pay television channels.

On the next two pages, Digital Home has ranked Canada's English language specialty and pay movie channels by profits and revenues.

English Language Specialty Channels: Most Profitable in 2010

The Sports Network (TSN), owned by Bell Media, was the most profitable English Language Specialty Channel in Canada in 2010 earning $53 million on Revenues of $267.6 million. Next on the list was Rogers owned Sportsnet. Combined the two SportsNetworks had profits before interest and taxes of almost $100 million dollars on revenues of $485 million.

In 2010, 47 of the 51 English specialty channels were profitable. The four unprofitable stations were MTV2, OutTV, MTV and Super Channel. The losses at three of the stations were relatively small, however, Super Channel was the anomaly among Specialty stations losing $14.6 million on $25.5 million in revenues. Super Channel is a premium pay movie service which competes with TMN (the Movie Network) in Eastern Canada and MoveCentral in Western Canada.

TMN and Movie Central were the seventh and eleventh most profitable specialty stations, collectively earning over $62 million on revenues of about $244 million.

The station with the highest profit margin was Fashion Television. The Bell Media owned station earned $2.7 million dollars profit before Interest and taxes (PBIT) on just $4.7 million in revenues, a whopping PBIT margin of 59%.

All revenue and Profit before Interest and Taxes (PBIT) figures are in the millions of dollars.

English Language Specialty Channels: Highest Revenues in 2010

The following is a list of the top fifteen English Language Specialty Channels ranked by 2010 Revenues.

All revenue and Profit before Interest and Taxes (PBIT) figures are in the millions of dollars.

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