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Trying to find the name of a show

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Hello, i have no idea where im going to post this as it pertains to a channels (which i can no longer recall the name) but here it goes.

Back about 3 years ago i was living in banff alberta, I was at my sisters place one night watching tv and was watching the popular show 24 and a few others and then i changed the chanell to this travel channel but it wasnt like one where they talk about the place they are at but they do flyovers of towns and cities. This one episode was of alberta and banff/calgary. It looks like it was taken in small plane but they did low flybys in banff and flew up north to places like fort mc murry and then down to calgary all with no voice or anyone speaking but with music that almost put me to sleep.

The name of this tv channel i have now forgotten but it was on the bell expressvu set list it was something like travelopolis or travelocity or something...

i have no clue as to what the name of the chanell or network it was on and i am lost for words as i cant even think of the chanel name

it was on when i was watching it in between it was sort of recent!!

thanks if you can...

it had the words travel in the name i know but thats it...and i think it was in HD
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Ask what?


There's TVTropolis, but i don't know if thats what you were watching.

Equator, or Oasis?

HD Net? doubtful.
The only channel I can think of with "travel" in the name is Travel + Escape, which used to be called CTV Travel before October 30, 2006. It wasn't HD.
No idea what channel you are talking about. But I can suggest you just watch the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross for the same relaxing effect. It's on PBSW.
I have moved the thread to here. It is possible the 'show' aired on other broadcasters as well. Good hunting. Rather than try to pin down the network see if you can find the name of the show. IMDB.COM has a keyword search. Wikipedia can also surprise you.
HDNet has a show called "Infocus" and some of the episodes are about aerial view of different locales. On sunday there is one episode called World's coastlines from Above Europe-North Cape.
The flyover shows set to music is usually the "over" series. Over Canada and Over B.C. exists.

Not sure of a Over Alberta episode though.
I would suggest HDNet as well.

They shows on weekend mornings that are basically hour long fly overs of various locals all around the world.

It is actually quite something to watch!
I believe that ATN showed the Over Canada series in HD during the first few years on the air.
Did the show have commercials? That could eliminate a number of channels. When I first read the post, I thought Oasis or Equator TV because neither have commercials and broadcast only in HD. You could look up Oasis/Equator website and scan through their programming schedule just to see if the name of the show pops up. They do show a lot of programs from various networks around the world that are several years old, so you might come across a repeat showing of that show.
Pretty sure it was "Over Canada." A friend of ours was actually placed on on of "The Three Sisters" by helicopter, then the plane flew over them and they waved for the camera.

Search "over canada" on
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