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I am stuck in frustrating conversations with SHAW Hamilton regarding a promotion I took advantage of in September, 2010. I do not have the promo code and am now being told the conditions are changing, including now being charged for a "free PVR". Here are the particulars as I remember - maybe someone has the promo code, or - better yet - a scan/pdf/link of the original?

Bundle of digital basic tv, high speed internet (note: was at 3.75mbps - strange number), & basic phone.

THEN you could add one of the following:

High Speed Extreme (15mbps if I remember correctly)

Something for the phone (wasn't interested)

or (My Choice) a free HD PVR and 1 (of 3 choices) free HD package (I chose sports...believe Lifestyle and one other were offered)

Total price was $99.90/month

At that time I was a new/returning customer (away from Shaw for over 60 days). I was told that Shaw Hamilton would not honour the promotion as it was sent to me by mistake. I then started to argue and got, eventually, on the line with the sales manager for the region. It was literally 3-4 hours of debate and arm-twisting but everything was given as promised.

2 Months ago my bill changed and I realized I was being charged for the PVR which was to be OWNED (after 2 years with the package - no charge for rental at all). Also, bandwidth and other issues were coming up. When I called, they assured me there was no such promotion and they would match me with a current promotion that would cost me much more, but still give me some freebies. I think this is total B.S. If there was no such promotion why would they offer me freebies to match this non-promotion?

Very frustrated and would love if there were any ammunition I could go back at them with.

Much thanks in advance,


-Dunnville, ON
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