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Hi. I am having some trouble with my HDHomerun.
I am trying to re-locate the HDHR to be nearer to my "good" antenna, which at the moment requires connecting HDHR directly to the PC, not through a router.
I know it is easier if I go through a router, but it should be possible without (I have read), and it did work for a while, until it didn't.

1. When I had the HDHR located near the router, and connected through the router it worked as expected. I could see live channels and record from HDHR to 2 different PCs on the network.

2. When I re-located the HDHR away from the router and connected directly to a PC, it worked for about 2 days. I could see live channels and record on NextPVR.

3. After a few days the PC rebooted, and things got weird. I can't see live channels on HDHR Windows viewer and I can't record on NextPVR. But I can see live channels by opening the HDHR config GUI, tuning to a channel and clicking on "Live" The channel shows up on VLC and works just fine. So the signal/stream/connection is working from the HDHR to the PC, but not to the HDHR viewer or NextPVR.

I had read that I might need to set a fixed IP address. I tired that, using, mask, and I tried using, mask (I had found those suggested addresses online). I rebooted the PC and the HDHR. I tried re-scanning the channels on HDHR setup. I tried re-scanning the channels through NExtPVR. I tried re-tracing my steps and doing what I did when it worked - disconnected the HDHR, re-boot everything and re-connect with auto IP. Still the same result.

I know it is easier if I connect through the router, but I only have 1 ethernet cable at that location and that PC does not do wi-fi.
Does it really, really need to connect through the router? (But why?) Do I need an internet switch to feed the PC and the HDHR?
Any other ideas?


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Thanks for the advice. I have the problem partly solved.
Following some advice on a NPVR forum, in the NPVR device settings I deleted the existing channels (device shown as HDHR) and rescanned the device shown as ATSC.
Now I can record on NPVR and see live channels on the NPVR viewer, but the live channels still don't show up on the HDHR viewer (windows app). I don't use that anyway.
I will try re-installing the HDHR software.
I have the fixed IP address set as, mask

I will look into internet connection sharing or an ethernet switch. I don't necessarily need to see the HDHR from other devices on the network, as long as I can record on the PC it is connected directly to, but it would be a bonus to connect the HDHR to the network.

The HDHR is connected directly to the ethernet port on the PC. The PC is connected to the router with a USB-ethernet adapter, and an ethernet cable from one end of the house to the other. The USB internet connection is working well, and the HDHR connection is good. I was always able to detect the tuner devices and scan for channels. They just didn't show up on the viewer apps. (But NPVR is working now)

I moved the HDHR to be closer to my "good" antenna - a DB8 located in my garage rafters, which gets all of the channels I want.
When I had the HDHR located near the router, it was connected to a small antenna - DIY dipole loop in a closet, which did surprisingly well, but would fuzz out on some channels.
To keep the HDHR near the router and connect to the DB8 would require about 30 ft more of coax, which would be more effort and could lose signal.
If I want the HDHR connected to the network I can add a switch or try connection sharing, or run anther ethernet cable.

Thanks for the help.
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