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A friend of mine is having trouble setting up his new home theatre system. He has the following components:
PVR - Bell 5100 (non HDMI compatible, he will be upgrading soon)
TV - Samsung N63C540 (brand new)
Receiver - Pioneer VSX820 (brand new)
Bluray - Playstation 3

He tried to set up with the standard configuration, bluray (via HDMI) and PVR (via yellow single cable and RCA) connected into Receiver. Then, the Receiver connected to the TV (via HDMI).

This yielded no picture no matter what we tried.

However, when we went directed from both the playstation 3 and the the pvr, they worked.

Does anyone out there have any trouble shooting tips on how he might get the system to work through the Receiver?

Thanks in advance,

Shadraq in Edmonton

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Not sure if this AVR transcodes incoming analogue video signals. See the following recent similar discussion:

You may need to use the same connection from the AVR to the TV as from the device to the AVR. I tried looking at the web for specs, but this unit doesn't look like it's from North America, making my "job" difficult. The Operating manual should cover if the analogue input video signals are converted to the HDMI output. Also, see the item below:

For Pioneer, it's important to turn the AVR on first, as indicated in the following FAQ, item 28 - see also the other issues - item 4, things to check, etc. Since HDMI wasn't working either, perhaps this was the problem. If it still doesn't work, try a reset to default settings of the AVR - usually outlined in the operating manual.

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