Driving in a new city? Need a map but want to save cash? Download Google’s new Offline Maps tool, and you’ll be good to go.

Offline Maps is one of a bunch of free tools being launched by Google, as the company tries to increase its reach into the area of digital tools for travel.

The tech app allows users to be without Internet access and to pull up a map with turn-by-turn navigation of the area the user is in.

Offline Maps also allows you to search for places like museums and restaurants that are nearby.

Google is also currently promoting a rewards program for people who post tips online about local attractions such as restaurants, concert halls, shops and markets as part of Local Guides. The goal is to accumulate as much travel info as possible by having the users share their experiences, so that the next user can find out where to go, and when.

While there are other free offline map apps like Pocket Earth Pro and Maps.me ,Google’s Offline Maps may end up having the most comprehensive info on places and directions, due to it’s widespread use.

Currently, Offline Maps is available to Android users and iOS users will likely be able to get it by the end of the year.