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Trading in old satellite receiver for free HD box

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Question about this:
Is there any way that you could upgrade to an HD PVR using this offer?

I imagine that you can't do it for free but even if they subtracted the value of the HD box and made you pay the difference for the HD PVR.

Does anyone know for sure?

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I did this back in May. At first he offered me the HDPVR to keep for free, but then he realized the deal was only if I was getting Internet & Home Phone. But he gave me $30/mo for 12 months, just for giving him an ancient satelite box I got from my dad circa 2001. $360 is not too shab...

Also, I hear they just put these boxes in a huge pile and just sledgehammer them...hilarious...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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