If you are looking to invest in a new mobile device, but feel that your old one still has some worth, Bell has an offer for you.

As a service to their customers and themselves, Bell is currently offering value for trade-ins on mobile devices.

Customers are invited to trade in a mobile phone or a tablet and get a certificate equal to the value of the devices. This can be used in-store towards the purchase of a new device or some accessories, with a potential of receiving up to $300 towards a new purchase.

Devices that are owned by someone 18 years of age or older and presented for trade in by the legal owner of the device are eligible.

Bell is reminding customers to terminate all contracts on trade in devices before giving them over, and that, unfortunately, credit from old contracts is not transferable to new ones, nor is trade in value.

Those wishing to trade in devices are responsible for backing up any personal data such as contacts, emails and photos, removing the SIM card if applicable as well as memory cards, and deleting all personal data by resetting phones to the factory default settings.

It is also wise to charge the battery before coming in so that Bell can properly evaluate a device’s trade-in value.

For more information, go to bell.ca/tradein.