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When I first got the TV I was using just regular cable for standard TV. I would experience intermittent moments when the TV would make a loud static sound then return to normal. A tech came out and advised that there was a firmware fix and then was pretty much lost on how to apply it.

By his own addmission he wasn't a computer guy and "borrowed the laptop" for this call. Yeah I wasn't impressed considering it was under warranty. Anyways I'm in a service business and very familiar with computers and flashing firmware so I helped him and got it done.

It did fix the issue but I noticed that right afterwards, whenever I switched inputs it takes a long time for the picture to appear. This was never the case prior to the newer firmware. I called to complain but was told that the original issue was a "timer" issue of some kind, that timers were adjusted in the new firmware, and that I'd have to live with it.

I'm just wondering if they ever released a better firmware that doesn't have this issue or if anyone else has this issue?

The above mentioned static sound never occured on anything but regular cable (i.e. other inputs were fine) and I'd love to go back to the original firmware now that it's on a cable box using a different input.
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