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I was switching out AV receivers this evening and due to configuration I removed an HDMI cable from the tv. When doing so it gave me a very mild static shock...since that time, tv will not turn on. I've tried pulling plug so as to re-set - no joy. Just a continuous blinking blue power light.

Anyone know if this unit has a fuse..?? I'm thinking it must but am unsure of where to look .. no obvious spot on back or sides where one could hide.??

TV is only 4 yrs old, in excellent shape and I have no wish to take it in for a "$100" fuse repair that I can easily do myself..just need to know where it might be and how to access.

The owners manual says nadda about potential fuse location..only to call customer service. I'd do that but given its a Sunday on a Long weekend here in Calgary, Alberta..thoguht I would ask some experts.



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Is there a sequence to the blinking? Often a code of say 4 blinks points to one board, etc. A repair shop or Toshiba may know the code, if there is one. Try unplugging overnight. Here's the list of things to check, which you may have already seen.

See if there's reset code (pressing certain buttons) in the Operating Manual.
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