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Announcement from the station

For five decades 1331 Yonge Street has been the home of 1050 CHUM. But that's about to change. Because CHUM is moving downtown.

But before we pack up, we're giving you one last chance to see CHUM's historic studios, one final opportunity to walk the hallways, visit and photograph the historic studios and tour the CHUM Museum.

Join all of us for The 1050 CHUM Open House for the CP24 "CHUM Christmas Wish!" Saturday, November 15th, live on air from Noon to 4PM, with the last tour at 3!

You'll be in CHUM's famous on-air studio as CHUM greats past and present take turns behind the mic. Gord James, Bob Laine, Roger Ashby, Robbie Lane, Doug Beaumont, Stacey Thompson, Bob Summers, Amber Payie, Jeff Howatt, Kym Geddes, Regan Ashby and Sara Konings. Roger Abbott and Don Ferguson of the Royal Canadian Air Farce will be here too, fulfilling their dream of one day doing their own show on CHUM. And Ron Hall will be dropping in with the last box of CHUM Chart Books to sign.

When you come for the Open House, make a donation to the CP-24 "CHUM Christmas Wish". If you do, you'll be given a special souvenir gift from CHUM.
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