In a Telecom decision handed down today, the CRTC has announced that Toronto will be getting a new area code overlay in 2013.

Area code 437 will begin in March 2013 and will be in addition to the 647 area code overlay which was introduced in the original 416 region in 2000.

The federal regulator says the 437 area code is being implemented in response to an Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) updated report to the CRTC that warned Toronto was expected to run out of telephone numbers by May 2014. Previously CNA had expected 647 would last until July 2015.

The commission also noted that it would set the 387 area code 387 aside for future relief.

Existing customers will keep their current area code and phone numbers.

The increased demand for new telephone numbers is being driven by the increased use of cell phones, wireless data services, the Internet and IP telephony among consumers and businesses alike.

Read Telecom Decision CRTC 2011-436 introducing area code 437.
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