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Toronto Cable and Internet.. best option?

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Hey everyone.. new to the forum, was wondering if anyone could give me the lowdown on the best options for both Cable and Internet in Toronto. I lived in Waterloo for a while and had Rogers for both, but found it very expensive. I've heard Teksavvy is gaining some momentum. Thanks for the advice!
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Teksavvy is great for DSL internet but their speed is limited to 5 megs. If you don't have a active phone line from them or Bell you have to pay a dry loop fee that adds about 10 bucks to the bill. They don't offer tv service (yet) but have partnered with Rogers for internet. Once connected (a bit of a challenge) you're good. Aside from Over the Air reception, Rogers, Bell and Shaw Direct are your only choices for TV. I'm currently with Rogers and I agree, the costs are getting higher and higher but unless you cut back to bare bones choice all the services are pricey.
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