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I had a chance to use TopoCanada v4 (TC4) recently on both a MAC and Windows based computers. The DVD is 'dual OS' and can be installed directly on a PC or a MAC. Unlike other Garmin products, Basecamp is used for map management, rather than Mapsource. It installs and runs flawlessly on both the MAC-mini and Windows-based computers. Although the individual map units are similar in size geographically to v2, they are 5 to 10 times larger in Mb! Practically, this means that maps can only be installed to Garmin units with SD (Nuvis) or MicroSD (handhelds) card readers.

TC4 has 'digital elevation enhancement' technology à la Google Earth, and along with full routability, are its main new features; it looks great on a computer screen...

TC4 use with fixed memory units is very limited (1-2 map units) and GPS's connected via a NMEA serial port (e.g. GPSMAP 76) are not recognized in Basecamp, even using Prolific's RS-232 to USB adaptors.

Basecamp is always automatically installed, even over existing Mapsource installations, the maps are accessible from both map management products, but the maps are not stored in the same sub-directories.

When using Basecamp, maps can only be selected and moved using mapinstall, and only once the device receiving the maps, is actually connected to the computer.

As with other Garmin Topo series products, the maps are not locked, nor lockable. All of Canada requires an 8 gb card.
Kudos to Garmin for finally creating a well refined MAC product!
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