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U.S. based TomTom today announced the availability of its VIA Series of GPS devices in the United States and Canada starting at $169.

Previously announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, the devices feature a thinner design, brighter touch screen, new navigation software, Integrated Mount with flip-screen, expanded driving view, spoken street names and advanced lane guidance

The line-up features four models, the 4.3” VIA 1405 and 1435, as well as the 5” VIA 1505 and 1535. The VIA 1435 and 1535 feature brushed-aluminum finish, while the VIA 1405 and 1505 range offers a classic, black finish.

The step up VIA 1435 and 1535 also feature Voice Control and Bluetooth Hands-Free calling, that allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. TomTom says improved voice recognition on setp up models allows drivers to utilize voice commands that can be spoken more naturally such as “Take me to 55 Main Street, Anywhere, USA” in one simple step rather than breaking up the address by city, state, street and street number.
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