TomTom, provider of GPS devices and digital maps, has slashed the price of its TomTom for iPhone navigation application just a few months after the app was first released.

The TomTom app now sells for $70 on the iTunes Canada App store down from $100 previously.

The company says the application will go back up in price to $100 on December 29th, however, with the price of basic standalone GPS devices now approaching $100 in Canada and competing GPS iPhone apps such as Navigon selling for $90, it seems unlikely the company will be able to push through a price increase after Christmas.

In addition, Version 1.2 of the application has been poorly received by Canadian buyers. Feedback from iTunes Canada app customers has been negative with several users complaining the app does not load, won't launch or results in the iPhone 3G crashing every time the app runs.

With 74 reviews in for the current version, only 15 users have awarded the app with five stars (the highest rating) while 28 have given the app just one star (the lowest rating)

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