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The issue of providers carring a channel or not to carry a channel has always been debatable? For what ever reason:
  • Can't come to a agrement on cariage fee
  • Just doesn't want to
  • One provide has "grudge" against owner or vice versa
What ever it maybe it only hurts the sub if they want the channel?

The issue presently going on between Sun News & BTV wil evenually be worked out at some point.

But to say I'll drop the service if they don't get it back is going a little to far(in my opion). If so then Rogers subs should tell Rogers get CNN International or I'll drop the service?

True they have BBC News world but what side of the "fence" do they sit on/ Left? middle? or Right?

Would it not be the same as Fox/Sun news agency(right winged) verses the left news agencies?

Now grant you I';m not sure of what side BBC News World view is on? But lets assume its "right winged" would it not be fair to have CNN International(assuming its left winged-assunibng it is not sure if it is or not), would it not be fair to say to Rogers why are you not carring CNN International?

Like I said I'm not sure if BBC News World or CNN International are left or right winged, that I don't know, but assuming one is on each side would it not be the same as the BTV /Sun issuer(not fwee wise)

I know there are quite a few channels not carried by certain providers be it because of langues issue:
francophone channels
Angalophone channels
Ethnic services
Sports services
Music services

I understand SC & BTV are limited with Bandwidth issues

but cable with the feature now have SDV from my understanding they can add sevveral 100's of channels.

As to why they haven't?

That I can't answer. :confused:
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