In an email to Digital Home, The Movie Network (TMN) has informed us that the premium pay tv channel will no longer air pop up ads or "bugs" during the first few minutes of every movie.

The decision to remove the bugs follows several weeks of complaints from Digital Home readers who said the 15 second pop-up ads were a major irritant on a station which advertises itself as commercial free.

"After receiving other comments from our subscribers, we have evaluated the scheduling of 'promo bugs' during our programming and have decided to remove them entirely." said Roopa Shah, Senior Manager of Communications at Astral Television Networks.

Ms. Shah did say however that the station would continue to display a “station ID bug” for 8 to 10 seconds starting 90 seconds after the start of every program. Shah rationalizes the use of the station ID bug by saying it is industry practice to inform viewers what station they are on.

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