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My TIVO has been sitting in my condo for about 2 years now without being used as it is SD and we moved on to HD years ago. It has a lifetime subscription so there's no monthly fee. It's in perfect working order.

Besides the interface which is second to none, the main advantage of a TIVO is that it is TV provider-independent so if you switch providers, you can still use it in your new setup. Also, you can setup 2 providers at the same time and record from either seamlessly. I personally used to record from Expressview and Videotron. Also, using TIVO Desktop software or the TIVO backdoor, you can easily transfer your recordings over your network to a PC file.

Since it's only SD, the technology is a bit dated but it can be really useful for people with a particular need or curiosity.

I'm in Montreal and rather not ship it anywhere as I have no way to pack it up so that it isn't damaged in transit.
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