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I recently purchased a Canon Powershot D20. It records .MOV files in 1080p mpeg4-aac format.

As expected the .MOV container does not stream from a DLNA server to the TV Allshare without an "unsupported codec" rejection of the stream or directly off a thumbdrive plugged into the TV.

HOWEVER by simply changing the file container name directly from .MOV to .mp4 I am now able to play the high def files through Serviio on my Linux laptop to our Samsung TV Allshare. Even though at full 1080p they will not play directly on our computers because my laptop cannot handle the bit rate. But with DLNA and a wireless N or cat5 to the router and then cat 5 to the TV it does work fairly well.

Neither can our Atom 525 with 4 gig of 1066 and Windows 7...because it is only on the Intel atom gpu/cpu graphics motherboard. So the only ways to actually watch the video recorded with this camera for me is to use the HDMI out or send the files to the TV which does high def.

I suspect the same will now be true with the handy PLAY TO dlna right click send to function in Windows 7 on my other computer that doesn't run Linux.

The files will also play from a thumb drive plugged into the tv as usb2 is fast enough on a TV with the great busy-box linux firmware using ffmpeg like most Samsung TVs have. :D

So the only thing that is different is the way the camera names the files the essential mpeg4 container with aac audio is identical to what the Samsung expects, but the MOV is somehow not the correct designation for the container!

I would guess the .MOV is just there because of Quicktime's mpeg4 container designation requirements for Apple products.

All and all the camera does surprisingly well and has decent audio. Obviously it is not in the same league as studio stuff, but if done with a steady hand or a hand held mount swivel grip with attention to lighting and the use of tripods for set scenes it will definitely produce excellent broadcast quality video :cool:

This from a camera that is waterproof to 40 feet and has gps which is really great for going fishing! Now I can easily do gps tagged photos or videos to relocate trails or fishing spots etc.

Sure most of them will not have maps for the purpose but I can come home and punch in the co-ordinates into Google Earth and easily print out detailed tagged maps with roads, lakes and rivers from the screen if I like.

Great to know that you don't have to run out and buy a new computer or Apple TV or whatever yet to really get the most out of and enjoy this great new high tech toy!
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