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Tilting Antenna for Better Reception

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Will angling an antenna upward improve reception?:confused:
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Tilting Antenna for Better Reception?

Hi there.Thanks for all your answers guys. Here is another one. I just read article about reception of distant TV stations and they say that when you have TV tower out of site, signal is coming not just from that direction, where transmitter is, but is coming from about. Anywhere from 4° to 20°. Depending on terrain on the way from transmitter. So antennas type 4B should have array elements facing signal. If antenna is out by apr. 2° lets say top element gets it first, then signal is transmitted out by bottom element, so you get nothing. That is some kind of " gimmick" of stacked antennas. Also they recommend 4B antenna to be placed on face of building ,or in middle of roof, where homogeneity of signal is better. On top of building is better antenna type yagi. According to that article :) So I guess I'm going to try tilt my antenna. I hope that, what I wrote is making sence.:rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 64 Posts
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