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Tilting Antenna for Better Reception

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Will angling an antenna upward improve reception?:confused:
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Breakups / Interference: WNLO & WNYO

I have noticed that I have breakups/interference quite often for US channels, especially on channels 23-1 WNLO-HD and 49-1 WNYO-HD. I can be watching 23-1 WNLO-HD or 49-1 WNYO-HD at 60% to 70% signal strength and then it is just frozen (or, it's showing "no signal" or "signal cannot be decoded") for one or more seconds. One thing that I noticed is that when I had the breakouts/interference, in most cases, I heard airplane.

So I was wondering if airplane is the cause of the breakouts / interference (However, for ABC (7.1), so far I haven't seen any noticeable breakouts). Or, is it something else (e.g my TV)? Or, may be it's normal?

PS: I angled the antenna (4221HD) a little bit (may be about 10 degree) toward the horizon. I am not sure if this may cause the breakups.

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Stampeder, I'll try restoring it today and see what happens.

Neoyip, may be you can try restoring it too and see what happens.

I tried restoring the mast and I lost some channels. So, I put it angled just a little bit and they are back. I still notice the interference, and again, I heard airplane when it happened. I guess it is airplane flutter as HDTV101 said. I guess the simplest way to fix this would be to put the shielding (rather than to stack identical antennas). I'll try this first and see what happens.

Stampeder, I looked at the link you gave me. Is there more detailed explanation as to how big the shielding is, how to attach it to the antenna etc.?

HDTV101, rather than stacking 2 antennas, would it be helpful if I replace my CM4221HD with CM4228HD?


I don't know how many degrees. I just angled it backslash (i.e. toward the sky) a little bit (may be 5 degree or less). I think this will help if there are some high rise building or big trees on the signal path.
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