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Tilting Antenna for Better Reception

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Will angling an antenna upward improve reception?:confused:
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ATF-V500 Compact Precision Tilter

Check it out... I want one!
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I have noticed that I have breakups/interference quite often for US channels, .......... then it is just frozen (or, it's showing "no signal" or "signal cannot be decoded") for one or more seconds. One thing that I noticed is that when I had the breakouts/interference, in most cases, I heard airplane.

So I was wondering if airplane is the cause of the breakouts / interference

What you're experiencing is a phenomenon known as "Airplane Flutter"

Since you live near the Airport the jets are coming in low over your home and they are reflecting the signal causing a multipath

Airplane flutter is a very important problem. It
causes the receiving antenna to receive both direct
signal by the Tx (Transmitter antenna) and reflected
signal scattered by the airplane with phase delay. The
sum of two signals results in fading, sometime collapse
and distortion of picture on TV screen.

This document on the subject deals with the phenomenon on VHF and analog TV signals… however Digital TV on UHF is affected too in the exact same way.

A well known solution to this problem is to stack 2 identical antennas vertically connected together in phase.

Where I live in Mississauga I get jets flying in right overhead doing their approach to YYZ. When I was using a Wingard 9032 I use to experience the Airplane flutter problem on WUTV digital 14. But for the last 2 years I switched from using the Wingard 9032 to a more sophisticated antenna the DAT-75. The DAT-75 uses 3 vertically stacked beams at different vectors. I just wanted to point this out… since this antenna seems to have solved the Airplane flutter problem I was experiencing.

Wingard 9032

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