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Aspect Ratio

SD pictures will always be 4:3 aspect ratio and you have the ability to stretch it to wide
As far as the other two tvs go there are two methods of setting the aspect ratio.
I assume you are using a BEll HD receiver for each tv your message does not indicate that.

Some things to try

1.If you hit star on the bell remote that will create different aspect ratio with the picture.

2.Your television will also have built in settings for setting the wide mode, with something to the effect of.............. normal/ wide/ stretch

When a HD programming is airing in 16:9 the picture should be set to normal in the bell receiver and the individual TV.

That picture shoukd fill the screen this will vary sometimes when a movie is playing because it was shot in different aspect ratios which convert differently on the TV.

Some TV s have a select button button in the set up menu for imput, make certain that HDMI or component are selected if that is the method you are using to get the video from the receiver.

The station logo bottom right of the picture is a good method to judge the proper aspect ratio.

Once you have the aspect ratio set usually there is no reason to change it
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