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Three Different TV's Three Different Pictures

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The following has me completed baffled.

I have three different LCD HDTV's hooked up to Bll Expressvu and I get a different picture on each TV. let me explain:

TV 1 - 2010 (1080) 40" Sony Bravia, hooked up to a new HD Bell receiver routed through a new sony home theatre system using all HDMI cables. The SD channels are always 4:3 aspect ration, this will only change if I put it on wide zoom. The HD channels are permantly on wide zoom even though it indicated normal picture (the outside edges are cut off) I have played with the settings endlessly on both the received endlessly with no solution.

TV 2 - 2010 37" Panasonic Vierra (1080) hooked up directly to a new Bell HD receiver using video cables. The SD channels look fine but the HD channels are fine wide wise but there are black lines at the top and bottom. Try to resolve this with no solution. Again black lines on top and bottom dissapper on wide zoom but picture edges are cut off.

TV 3 - Older 42 Visio HDTV (720) hooked up to a new Bell HD PVR with HDMI cables. Both HD and SD pictures are perfect. HD covers the entire screen without cutting off any of it, the SD cover the whole screen.

Any idea how to get my Sony and Pansonic to work like my visio? HELP!

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You should do some research into ASPECT RATIOS and the phrase Original Aspect Ratio ("OAR")!!

A SD picture has an OAR of 4:3 and when displayed on a 16:9 HD TV should have black bars on the sides !! If it does not, it means you are either distorting the image horizontally or you are cutting off the top and bottom of the image. Neither is an acceptable solution.

An HD image with an OAR of 16:9 displayed on a 4:3 screen should have black bars on the top and bottom. If not, the image is being distorted vertically or the sides of the image are cut off; again, neither is acceptable.

For all the myriad of similar issues, see the link I provided above.
I don't mind my SD 4:3 channels being distorted on the 16:9 screen.
It boggles my mind that someone would be participating in a "science" forum related to imaging, presumably be spending money time and effort to achieve the best possible picture and then say that they "don't mind my SD 4:3 channels being distorted on the 16:9 screen" like fun-house mirror. :confused::confused::confused:
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