Want the next best thing in luggage? Want to be able to lock your suitcase, unlock it, track it when it’s not by your side, and use it to charge your phone when it is? You may be the perfect customer for Bluesmart.

Bluesmart is a suitcase that is currently being developed by engineers and programmers and is running a hugely successful campaign on Indiegogo.

Described as being “the world’s first smart, connected carry-on,” this trail-blazing suitcase has raised  2,730 % of its original campaign, with over $2 million USD raised to date, and more than 10,000 units pre-sold.

Already featured on Wired, Mashable, The Huffington Post, CNN and Forbes, Bluesmart comes loaded with gadgets. A built-in digital scale can tell you whether the suitcase’s weight is approved by the airline, there is the ability to charge two devices simultaneously and your smartphone 6 times over on the case, a proximity sensor alerts you if you get too far away from Bluesmart, and location tracking lets you find out where your suitcase is in case it gets re-routed.

Consistently high-tech, Bluesmart also has apps that analyze your travel data, sync to your calendar and other travel services, and to your smartwatch.

In terms of its physical structure, this suitcase from the future comes with waterproof zippers, three layers of polycarbonate, a handle made of anodized aluminum, a protected exterior pocket for easy access to tablets and laptops while going through airport security and four hubless spinner wheels.

What more could you want?

Not much. This dream in connected travel is being developed by a highly skilled team that includes “a PhD Candidate in Aerospace Engineering, an MIT MBA candidate, top industrial designers, and entrepreneurs who have built businesses in the travel industry among others," the campaign site claims.

The team includes Martin Diz, Tomi Pierucci , Brian Chen, Alejo Verlini, Diego Saez Gil, Ale Sarra, Diego Cinalli and Marcela Guaman who have come together in confidence to make their dreams a reality.

Fully functional prototypes have been designed and built by Bluesmart’s manufacturing partners, and the group is now working to build all the features they wish to include in the Bluesmart app.

Will it come to market successfully? That part of the story has yet to be told.

Learn more by going to   http://bluesmart.com/ . Join in the fun here .