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whither 3d???
I agree it can be gimicky, and yes, I know, movie theaters have special projectors and screens, etc, so that's why you can't have any of the current crop of 3d movies at home, at least not YET......
But for cripes' sake-I thought the makers of stuff would have learned from
the various kerfuffles throughout time-QUad sound, vhs vs Beta, CED laserdisc. etc...set a universal agreed-upon standard, make it widespread
and get those discs out there ! If we get, what, 2-3 3d movies a year
then there aren't gonna be lots of people willin' to spend the cash for a 3d player, 3d glasses and a 3d TV for that. Same goes, I suppose, for console games-get 'em agreed on, and get 'em out there. Otherwise, 3d will be just a
flash in the pan.....

just my 2 cents

John B

ps-gimmicky or not, I loved 3d. I watched "Coming At Ya' back in the 80's
and recently saw Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon. Both
good movies, but I found Alice's plot to be a little thin, more sizzle than steak, if you will, but still.....
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