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The Lincoln Lawyer - in movie theatre

Matthew McConaughey

Well ... another discount Tuesday yesterday afternoon at the Movie Theatre, and I went to see this one.

Good. I liked it. I can recommend it as as mature entertainment.

Interesting story, a little complex, keeps you thinking. Sort of a mystery who done it / who done what - with some interesting twists and turns.

Gets you into the dirty complex world of the street / and of the court and lawyers and the justice system. And the law / police.

Nasty realities ... as they are revealed in this movie.

Sometimes things are not at all as they appear at first. Real life.

The way they were presenting his EX Wife ... I even thought she was involved with the bad guys - somehow. Very subtle.

Some action and violence - but more of a story and a thinking person's movie.

I think one of the better movies out there for adults.

A real film. I can recommend it if you like that sort of movie.
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