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Well Digital Home is pleased to announced that it now has OTA signals streaming into our home thanks to Terrestrial Digital and Digital Home member Yaamon.

Terrestrial Digital has provided Digital Home with a Lacrosse Antenna for testing and Yaamon was kind enough to install and tweak the antenna for me and explain many things to an OTA newbie. He also put up my new Sirius omnidirectional antenna so the family can listen to our Stiletto in the basement!

Yaamon was a trooper as it was cold outside and it took a fair bit of time to get it all going.

Once it was ready, we hooked the signal up to our OnAirGT USB tuner on the laptop to ensure everything worked. Yaamon was quite impressed with the signals we were able to get despite the unit being installed "under the eaves".

Anyway, I'm looking forward to running the signal to my projector so we can compare OTA signals vs. Rogers cable on a 100" screen.

Thanks again Yaamon!

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Kudos to Terrestrial Digital

Looking forward to seeing your results and getting Yaamon's commentary. I haven't been the most enthusiastic fan of the Terrestrial Digital Lacrosse antenna (only due to its price point) but I respect real world data and I'm curious if its a good "stealth" antenna option for the Toronto/Buffalo signal corridor across the Lake. As a company this is great of them, and I appreciate that Richard has posted here himself in the past: in this thread about Terrestrial Digital OTA products:
rschneider said:
...we feel it is one of the few aesthetic antennas that actually delivers reliable and consistent performance.
Amen to that, Richard! :)

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Hugh, it was a pleasure in meeting you. Meeting the man in person who is behind the great Digital Home Canada. ;)

Hugh's a private man stampeder, :) Got to tell you though Hugh will be enjoying Superbowl in all its glory with no simsubs.

Plus, Hugh currently testing a nice 1080p projector that is being displayed on a 100" screen.

Iam very suprised and impressed with the results of the Lacrosse Antenna. Very good results. Hugh wanted to have the antenna blend in with his house so I mounted it against his wall and well below his eaves.

The antenna is not even mounted no more than 15' off the ground. Not sure if its the location, elevation and the performance of the antenna but the overall reception was very good.

Use my handy compass and digital meter to align his antenna for the best signal I could get. Hugh is even able to pull in My Tv but the signal is weak.

Iam sure if it the antenna was mounted above his eaves or right below, MyTv would be much stronger, but as Hugh said he does not watch much tv and for the current location where the antenna is mounted I would agree.

Hugh nice to have finally meet you in person, and you are more than welcome.
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